Careers with Us

Careers with Us
Career Opportunities

Are you excited about your future?
Real estate sales could be right for you!

Would you like to...
  • have a full-time career with flexible hours?
  • have unlimited income potential?
  • use your motivation and energy to start your own business?
  • use your technology skills to build your future?
  • start a second career with decades of income potential?
...then real estate may be the right career for you.

Should I be in Real Estate?
A real estate career is hard work, and it takes the right skills and attitudes to succeed. Answer the questions below to help you evaluate your potential.

 Are you an extrovert, outgoing, and relaxed in a crowd?Yes/NoAre you self-motivated, committed to excellence?Yes/No
Is the "Golden Rule" your rule?Yes/NoDo people come to you to help them solve problems?Yes/No
Is your attitude positive and upbeat even in tough times?Yes/NoDo you have high self-esteem and high self-expectations?Yes/No
Do you have any sales experience?Yes/NoHave you had positions serving people in your past?Yes/No
Would others describe you as a team player?Yes/NoWill you assume responsibility for your own success?Yes/No
Do you have technical skills such as the internet and e-mail?Yes/NoAre you willing to invest in yourself?Yes/No
Can you live while waiting for your income to grow?Yes/NoAre you willing to go above and beyond with your work? Yes/No

If you answered yes to most of the questions, you may have the "right stuff" to succeed in real estate. As the Office Manager of Reilly Real Estate, I welcome the opportunity to visit with you. E-mail Office 913-682-2567 

Where can I get more information about a real estate career?

If you would like to read more about careers in real estate, here are some good books available through most bookstores.
  • Up and Running in 30 Days?, by Carla Cross
  • Real Estate Education Company, a division of Dearborn Financial Publishing
  • How About a Career in Real Estate?, by Carla Cross
  • Real Estate Education Company, a division of Dearborn Financial Publishing
  • The Eight New Rules of Real Estate, by John Tuccillo
  •  Real Estate Education Company, a division of Dearborn Financial Publishing

How do I get started? 
In Kansas, your real estate career will start by obtaining a Kansas license. To get a Kansas license you must first complete the Kansas 30-hour Principles of Real Estate course. This course focuses on such areas as titles, fair housing, property rights, ownership, etc. Next, you must complete the 30 hour Kansas Practice course. This course introduces you to contracts, property types, financing, working with buyers and sellers, etc. Both of these courses must be taken through a Kansas accredited school. Together, these courses establish the base level of knowledge required for our in-house training to build upon. After successful completion of these two state courses, you must take and pass the Kansas Real Estate Salesperson test. At this point, you would join with a broker and become an agent of that broker. The broker is now responsible for your actions as they relate to real estate.

In real estate as in most true professions, your training and education will never stop. Our industry is exciting and always changing, as a result, personal growth is essential for success.

What will it cost me to start my real estate career? 

Here are the estimated costs for starting a career in real estate:
Principles of Real Estate Course$250
State Test$75
Kansas Practice Course$200
State license fee$100
Association Fees & Dues: 
*National Association of REALTORS (NAR) annual dues$80
*Kansas Association of REALTORS (KAR) annual dues$100
KAR New Membership Fee$50
*Greater Kansas City Association of REALTORS (KCRAR) annual dues$100
KCRAR New Membership Fee$100
Heartland Lock Box Key Deposit$100
Heartland Key annual Maintenance Fee$50
1 Month MLS fee$25
Estimated Costs for starting a career in real estate: 
Please understand these are estimates and the amounts are subject to change. Also understand that such items as home computers, home Internet access, cellular phones, and other enhanced tools of the profession are not included in these estimates. 

Where will my business come from?
While many buyers and sellers come to our associates because of the reputation, advertising, and marketing of the company, the majority of your success lies in you. The ability to prospect for business is a key factor for success in sales. Make a list of the people you would feel comfortable calling to ask for referrals. Your sphere of influence may include teachers, lawyers, bankers, friends, relatives, service providers, neighbors, fellow committee members, and business colleagues who might do business with you or refer you to their sphere of influence. We can assist you in building a marketing program that lets you spend your time where you can profit the most.

Why should I choose Reilly Real Estate as my company?

Choosing the right company can make all the difference in your success.

Our agents enjoy:

  • a local family-owned company, founded in 1925, dedicated to serving people's needs
  • a local company founded in integrity and committed to excellence and your success
  • a full-time professional Sales Office staff.
  • non-competing owners and management committed to your success
  • unlimited Internet marketing opportunities
  • access to technology and outstanding real estate software
  • errors and omissions insurance to protect you on every transaction
  • professional business office environment designed to help you succeed
  • the company provided services to the agents unequaled in other companies
  • special advertising, market programs and materials
  • new homes training and sales incentives unlike no other that speed your success
  • an association with many full-time professionals, we believe the finest in our area

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